The Scientific and Organizing Committees as well as Steering and Advisory Boards are made of internationally known researchers active in the field of concrete under severe environmental conditions.

In the evaluation of the papers submitted, the Scientific Committee will make use of a peer-review process both for abstract and for final paper. For each paper submitted, two anonimous reviewers will provide their comments on the acceptance of the work and will eventually advise for the revision of the paper.

Chair of Scientific CommitteeChair of Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr. Paulo HeleneProf. Dr. Bernardo Fonseca Tutikian

Steering Board

Honorary ChairKoji Sakai, Japan Sustainability Institute, Japan
ChairNemkumar Banthia, University of British Columbia, Canada
MembersByung Hwan OH, Seoul National University, Korea
Francois Toutlemonde, IFSTTAR, France
Pedro Castro-Borges, Cinvestav-Merida, Mexico
MIAO Changwen, Southeast University, Nanjing, China
LI Zongjin, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China
Marco Di Prisco, Politecnico di Milano

Advisory Board

G.L. BalázsP.A.M. BasheerA. BenturH. Beushausen
F. DehnE.P.  FigueiredoS. FosterP. Gambarova
D. HootonG. ManciniR. MelchersH. Mueller
J. NiwaT. NoguchiH.W. ReinhardtY. Sato
S. P. ShahK. Van BreugelF. H. WittmannD. Yankelevsky

Scientific Committee

P. Helene (chair)N. Banthia (co-chair)P. Castro (co-chair)B. Tutikian (vice-chair)
M. AielloJ.O. AndradeM. AzenhaT. Ayano
J.T. BalboF. BiondiniL. BisbyH. Bolognini
F.A.B. BrancoE. CadoniM. CarsanaA.B. Cheung
C. ComiP. DanglaG. De SchutterJ.M. Desir
M. Di PriscoE. FairbairnC.A. FerreiraK. Fujikake
D. GaleotaM.Gamboa-MarrufoM.R. GarcezA.L.B. Geyer
F. GiannottiM.A.S. GonzalezA.G. GraeffT. Ishida
S. JacobsenV. M. JohnY. KatoK. Kawai
C.S. KazmierczakA.P. KernV. KodurM.P. Kulakowski
W. KusterleL. La MendolaP.R.L. LimaR.C.A. Lima
A. M. Loredo-SouzaA. LorenziL. MaldonadoM. Mancio
A. MedeirosG.R. MeiraB. MengR.C.E. Modolo
P. MontesK.A.M. MoraesS. NunesR.A. Oliveira
M.L.S. OliveiraI.R.PascuE. PossanG. Plizzari
P. RivaA. V. SantosH. Savastano JuniorM. Savoia
H. SchmidtA. SellierS. SheikhS. Staquet
L.P. TangA.A. Torres-AcostaF. ToutlemondeT. Triantafillou
H. VarumL.A.C.M.VelosoG.L. VieiraG. Ye

Organizing Committee

B. Tutikian (chair)F. Pacheco (co-chair)R. Christ (vice chair)
H.Z. Ehrenbring B. FernandesA.M. GilP. Mezzomo
V. K. OrtolanM. OttG. PragerC. Simonetti
N. TomaB. Walter

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