08:45am-09:15amOpening of CONSEC 2019
09:15am-10:15amSpecial Lecture – François Toutlemonde
10:15am-10:40amCoffee Break
10:40am-12:40pmTechnical Session 1 – In honor of Marco di Prisco and
Matteo Colombo
10:40am-12:40amTechnical Session 2 – In honor of Maurício Mancio
and Acir Loredo-Souza
01:40pm-05:00pmTechnical Visit to itt Performance
01:40pm-03:40pmTechnical Session 3 – In honor of Marielle Minerbe
and Florent Manzoni
1:40pm-03:40pmTechnical Session 4 – In honor of Enio Pazini
03:40pm-04:00pmCoffee Break
04:00pm-05:00pmSpecial Lecture – Koji Sakai
05:00pm-06:00pmSpecial Lecture – Silvia Vieira
06:30pmHappy Hour 
08:30am-10:30amRound Table “Builder’s Day”
08:30am-10:30amSpecial Lecture – Luiz Carlos Pinto da Silva Filho
10:30am-11:00amCoffee Break
11:00am-12:00amTechnical Session 5 – In honor of Hiroshi Hayashida
and Kazunori Fujikake
11:00am-12:00amTechnical Session 6 – In honor of
Claudio Kazmierczak
01:00pm-05:00pmTechnical Visit to itt Performance
01:00pm-03:30pmTechnical Session 7 – In honor of
Francisco Presuel-Moreno and Georges Roufael
01:00pm-03:30pmTechnical Session 8 – In honor of João Calmon
03:30pm-04:00pmCoffee Break
04:00pm-05:00pmSpecial Lecture – Nemkumar Banthia
09:00pmFraternization Dinner
09:00am-09:30amBook Launch “Pathology and Concrete Structures”
Presented by Fabrício Bolina
09:30am-10:30amSpecial Lecture – Pedro Castro Borges
10:30am-11:00amCoffee Break
11:00am-12:00amTechnical Session 9 – In honor of Zongjin Li
and Hongbok Choe
11:00am-12:00amTechnical Session 10 – In honor of Paulo Helene
01:00pm-05:00pmTechnical Visit to itt Performance
01:00pm-03:30pm Technical Session 11 – In honor of Graciela Alejandra
and Giovanni Muciaccia
01:00pm-03:30pmTechnical Session 12 – In honor of Abdala Nabut Neto
03:30pm-04:00pmCoffee Break
04:00pm-05:00pmSpecial Lecture – Venkatesh Kodur

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